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5x7 autographed postcard of our popular BLEP illustration.


We take the time to customize EVERY card we send! That means, based on the message you would like to send, we'll add a fun drawing to go with it — Something we find funny or cute. For us, t's a labor of love and we like to make every card as unique and personalized as possible.


Fun ideas for messages we actually received:

  • Happy Birthday Big Sis!
  • Hey Bill, happy 1st Homecomin-versary!


But seriously, it can be anything you want... so feel free to make it weird!


We also write in EVERY LANGUAGE!




We know a good joke when we see one, but we also reserve the right to refuse writing certain messages if we feel it does not reflect our values of human dignity and animal welfare.

OwlKitty BLEP - Postcard

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